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Did you know there is an amazing way to support your family's health and wellness, to help others with theirs, and to start a family business of your own without a major cost to get started and without ridiculous hours?

Until 2016, I would have guessed this was pretty impossible.

Since then, I have been blessed beyond measure by the ability to support my family's immune system, I have been absolutely blown away by the power of oils, and my heart has been warmed on many occasions when I realize I have helped another family do the exact same thing.

I would never have guessed that Young Living would be a part of my path, and I am so thankful to have found it! I am part of an amazing team where I receive multitudes of support, encouragement, advice, and business tips, and I have made some amazing friends along the way.

What if I told you  that you could get started with all of this for less than $200 and you'd be able to make extra money to boot?

That is exactly what Young Living Essential Oils has done for me!

I have always been highly aware of toxins  and their nasty effects, and as a single mom, I am always trying to save money however I can. Before I knew about Young Living, I was already making my own cleaning products to eliminate chemicals from our home. Once I had my starter kit, it was pretty much love at first sight, and I started sharing with friends how I was using the oils.

Imagine my surprise when I received my very first check in the mail! You always hear about people who get paid to do what they love the most, right? That's exactly how I felt, and that's when I decided to learn more about the business side of young Living.

There are so many benefits to having your own YL business!

The first step in building your business is purchasing your Premium Starter Kit. As I mentioned, this is your initial start-up cost, and it is less than $200. It is the most comprehensive and economical way to get to know your oils, and it is extremely discounted. One you've ordered your Premium Starter Kit, you are a wholesale member, and you automatically receive a 24% discount on any other oils or products you choose to order.

When I received my PSK, I'd be lying if I told you I didn't just sit and admire its beauty for a few minutes before opening it to find all the great things inside!

The next thing I knew I had to do was diving in head first. Again, I am a part of an amazing team, and their guidance was (and continues to be) so helpful to me. Before I knew it, I was making roller bottles for specific issues we were having in our home, and then I was making roller bottles for my friends who were struggling with similar issues. I cannot tell you how great it feels to help others find relief!

I truly think sharing my oils with others and seeing them purchase from me was when I started realizing how valuable YL oils truly are. Now, I try to post at least weekly on my social media to share how the oils are helping my family!

Many people hold classes to teach others about oils. You'd think that, as a teacher, this would be a natural next step for me. However, I have been super nervous about hosting a class...and I just really need to get over that fear!!

What is the earning potential with Young Living? 

For me, Young Living's Compensation Plan is just flat out impressive. Again, it costs less than $200 to get started, and in order to keep your wholesale membership, you literally only have to purchase $50 of products per calendar year. There are no quotas. There is no selling required. This business is really as open-ended as you choose for it to be. 

Within Young Living, if you decide you want to earn extra income from sharing your oils, there are different ranks you can achieve based on your sales numbers. I won't go into the compensation plan, but I do want to share with you the average incomes for each rank level because it is really exciting to me!

It is amazing to me to see the potential income that results from sharing products I already use and love, and to think I get paid for introducing others to these oils is the cherry on top!

I am sure you have questions for me with more detailed specifics, and I am more than happy to answer any and every question you might have. Just shoot me an email or contact me on social media

Regardless of whether you are ready to order now, have questions about the oils and products, or are ready to make your mark on the world, I will be here to support you through every single bit of it. I look forward to hearing from you!

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